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FalconStudios: Snap Shot (Adam Killian, Landon Conrad & Jayden Grey) (Scene 4)

Download FalconStudios: Snap Shot (Adam Killian, Landon Conrad & Jayden Grey) Scene 4with Direct link.

Jayden Grey continues his investigative meandering until he’s surprised by Adam Killian and abducted. The ruffian drags the frightened photog to his waiting partner-in-crime, Landon Conrad. Adam forcefeeds his stiff dick into Jayden’s mouth while Landon snaps away, filming the young shutterbug’s humiliation. But Jayden manages to cope and soon he’s got both their cocks down his throat without any resistance. The lusty threesome move and groove into different combinations sucking cock and eating ass, with the young interloper getting worked over and roughened up. Adam and Landon stuff their meatpoles into Jayden at both ends. Then they ratchet up the action by simultaneously cramming both their dicks into Jayden’s ass. It’s sheer pleasure despite the pain and Jayden screams his surrender. Adam then lays down. He nibbles Jayden’s dick while Landon fucks him and one after the other they all climax and cum.


  1. Brad says: March 1, 2016

    Please re-upload if possible, love Adam and Landon…must be quite the combo!!

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