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ManAtPlay: Boy Been Bad (Tomas Brand, Darius Ferdynand & Dirk Caber)

Download ManAtPlay: Boy Been Bad (Tomas Brand, Darius Ferdynand & Dirk Caber) with Direct link.
MAP-DariusFerdynand-DirkCaber-TomasBrand.mp4 [407.1 MB]
Boy Been Bad, sees sexy young college boy Darius called in to the Principles office over some very serious allegations of spying on professor Tomas Brand while in the shower ( who wouldnt! ) Not only that Darius has been taking pics of the swedish hunk naked in the shower and posting them all around the campus much to the embarrassment of his tutor. …
Principal Dirk Caber’s suggestion is that Darius has a thing for his tutor and to teach him a lesson he goads Darius in to making physical conact with Tomas. When I say physical I mean, making him suck Tomas’ huge thick cock. That is what he wanted after all right? To further the humiliation Darius is asked to strip naked infront of his professors and continue to fulfil his fantasies. And as leverage Dirk Caber photographs Darius as he goes down on Tomas before joining in himself. The two tutors play with their young college stud getting off on his tight ripped body , spit roasting him, and taking their turns over and over to fuck his sexy tight ass. Darius far from being humliated or taught a lesson seems to be enjoying the attention and eagerly awaits the cum shower over his face from his horny muscled teachers. Now if Id had lessons like that at college Id have enjoyed education a whole lot more.


  1. smntic says: April 25, 2014

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  3. Luis Manuel Hernández Elías says: November 2, 2014

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  4. GayBeeg says: November 2, 2014

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  5. Luis Manuel Hernández Elías says: November 3, 2014

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    Hi guys, looks like there’s something wrong with the file/link. Would you like to fix or re-upload the files, please? Thank you so so much.

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