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LucasEntertainment: Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal (Vito Gallo, Rafael Carreras & Angelo Marconi)

Download LucasEntertainment: Gentlemen 09: Closing the Deal – Vito Gallo, Rafael Carreras & Angelo Marconi  with Direct link.
LE-Vito-Rafael-Angelo.mp4 [1.13 GB]

Angelo Marconi and Rafael Carreras traveled all the way to New York City from South America in order to make a business deal with Vito Gallo that will make them all a fortune. But Angelo is a horny son of a bitch who turns the deal into a sexual fantasy by telling the sex-crazed Rafael Carreras that Vito wants to close the deal with some steamy man sex! Vito is taken off guard, but it also doesn’t take him much to go with the flow in the end. Angelo and Rafael move in on the tall, sexy Italian top! There’s only one problem — Rafael and Vito are both tops and Angelo is all bottom. Okay, maybe it’s not such a problem when Rafael and Vito find out they can both fit their cocks inside Angelo at the same time!


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