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MenatPlay: Unlimited (Dario Beck & Tomas Brand)

dario beck rides tomas brand cock
Download MenatPlay: Unlimited (Dario Beck & Tomas Brand) with Direct link.
MAP-DarioBeck-TomasBrand.mp4 [394.8 MB]

Working in the Menatplay offices has many perks, not least among them having cock bosses like Tomas Brand who think they can fuck anyone they want to. But the truth of the matter is they can – when you have no-one above you, you can pretty much have whoever you like, whenever you like. And Tomas wants it right now with his favourite ‘office-sub’ Dario Beck.

Even though Dario feels uncomfortable with the repeated sexual advances he has no option but to comply every time, and gives Mr Brand exactly what he wants right there in his office – and thats to feel Dario’s soft, sensual lips working his fat, uncut dick. But today Tomas wants a little more than just having his dick drained and he pulls Dario’s suit trousers down to expose his tight hole, getting it nice and moist with his tongue, ready for his rock hard cock. And like the perfect assistant that he is Dario complies, riding his boss like a pro and taking every inch of his enormous dick deep in his ass while Tomas strokes him until the moment Dario can’t hold it anymore and he shoots his hot load as he screams with intense pleasure. And for Mr Brand there’s no bigger power trip than that.


  1. kobieskie says: December 23, 2013

    This looks like a hot video but the link is broken 🙁

  2. Marcio says: February 15, 2014

    the link is broken… 🙁

  3. jlc172 says: March 4, 2015

    luckily it worked for me, thanks

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