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ChaosMen: Avery & Shiloh (Serviced)

January 30, 2014 | Chaosmen , , , | no comments

ChaosMen Avery Shiloh Serviced

Download ChaosMen: Avery & Shiloh (Serviced) with Direct link.

CM-Avery-Shiloh.mp4  [317 MB]

Wow! I knew Shiloh could suck dick, but I had not put him with a dude where he specifically had to “service to completion” another guy. I think Kristopher always has great dirty-boy energy when he sucks cock, but Shiloh gives him a run for the money.

Avery said he had had his cock sucked by a guy before, so he wasn’t gonna be nervous about it. He just worried that he couldn’t cum from a blow job. I hadn’t seen the full-range of Shiloh’s skills, but after only a few minutes, I knew I wouldn’t have to be giving Shiloh private cock-sucking lessons..dammit!

Shiloh hungrily goes after Avery’s cock and has him writhing around in no time. Though once again, the rimming seems to really get the guy going. Shiloh loves to eat ass, so he was in piggy heaven licking up and down his hole.

And for his first time doing a Serviced video, Shiloh easily makes him nut, lapping up his cum as it comes oozing out! Avery was suitably impressed, as was I.

I will definitely have Shiloh back to do some more Servicing. He hasn’t had to work with a nervous “first-timer” yet, but I am sure he will be able to work his mouth magic on anyone!


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