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Guys In Sweatpants: Trent Jackson Fucks Tanner Bishop

Guys In Sweatpants Trent Jackson Fucks Tanner Bishop

Download Guys In Sweatpants: Trent Jackson Fucks Tanner Bishop with Direct link.

GISP-TannerBishop-TrentJackson.mp4  [655 MB]

There’s nothing better than getting the testosterone flowing before you go home and fuck on camera for people to watch live. The always enthusiastic Tanner Bishop was more than ready to get back to the house and play with Trent Jackson’s cock and tight body after some football and foot races at the park. Earlier in the day, Tanner found out that Trent played football for 7 years, so as he sat on his cock, he commented “oh, it’s just like fucking the football player!” With no cuts or directing, Trent fucked the hell out of Tanner until Tanner came all over the couch… only for Trent to stand up and blow his load all down Tanner’s chest and stomach!


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