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American College Sex: Ellis & Olivia

American College Sex Ellis Olivia

Download American College Sex: Ellis & Olivia with Direct link.

CF-Ellis-Olivia.mp4  [372 MB]
American College Sex Ellis & Olivia added on 03/26/14

Sometimes, having a guy as hot as Ellis land at CF can be a bit of a burden. We end up getting so many emails about them and they generate such enthusiasm and demand to see them in action, the pressure is on!

Of course, I don’t mind a single bit of that pressure, and don’t mind a single one of those emails – the instant we all got to lay eyes on this stud, I was as eager to see them in action as anyone else; I was as hopeful we’d see more of him as anyone else! This is the type of burden we’ll gladly accept any day of the week!

Ellis just oozes sexiness – that flawless body, hot face, great ass, and thick cock are all things we can’t help but want to see more of, and want to see in action! Now that we’re getting to see Ellis fuck, we find out he is as hot to watch as we’d hoped – he’s loud, aggressive, passionate, horny, expressive, and straight-up hot as fuck!


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