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Lucas Entertainment: Tyler Wolf & Justin Cruise (Exclusive Web Scene)

Lucas Entertainment Tyler Wolf Justin Cruise Exclusive Web Scene

Download Lucas Entertainment: Tyler Wolf & Justin Cruise (Exclusive Web Scene) with Direct link.

LE-JustinCruise-TylerWolf.mp4  [439 MB]

Tyler Wolf has a few workout moves he wants to teach to Justin Cruise while he’s visiting in New York City. But Justin is just using it as an excuse to see Tyler take his clothes off. Tyler gets a hard-on while working out, and that’s when Justin makes his move. Justin Cruise pulls down Tyler Wolf’s workout shorts and lets his thick cock pop out of his pants; the blond twink wraps his lips around the savory piece of man-meat and sucks it as Tyler moans on a piece of workout equipment. They move over to the sofa where Tyler blows Justin for a while before slipping his fat cock into the twink’s ass and gives him a hard pounding better than any workout!


  1. [email protected] 0ne says: August 23, 2014

    more i see Tyler wolf more I like his work.

    thank U T.E.A.M 4 keeping the link still working.


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