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COLTstudiogroup: Embrace (Jimmy Durano & Armond Rizzo) – Scene 4

COLTstudiogroup Embrace Jimmy Durano Armond Rizzo) Scene 4

Download COLTstudiogroup: Embrace (Jimmy Durano & Armond Rizzo) – Scene 4 with Direct link.

CSG-JimmyDurano-ArmondRizzo.mp4 [501 MB]

And now for some good clean fun. Big-boy Jimmy Durano and young, athletic hottie Armond Rizzo join each other for a sensual bath. Coming together in the warm sudsy water of a tub built for two, Armond leans in for a deep kiss as he washes Jimmy’s muscular chest. Excitement rises with more deep kissing, wandering hands and big throbbing uncut cocks emerging from the water. Armond and Jimmy take turns enjoying the juicy foreskin of each other’s oversized man tools, sucking and slurping every inch of each other. And what fun is bath time without some toys? Jimmy reaches over for the COLT Gear Waterproof Anal T, applies a generous amount of COLT Slick lube and zeroes in Armond’s cute tight butt. With one leg up on the edge of the tub, Armond leans over and takes the feel good vibes as Jimmy gently inserts the probe deep into his clean wet hole. The intense vibrations to his sphincter sets Armond’s cock on fire as Jimmy strokes his own cock while enjoying the view. Sitting on either edge of the tub they watch each other stroke with searing hot eye contact as the jacking gets faster and faster while loads start flowing.


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