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RandyBlue: Ryan Knightly – Solo

September 30, 2014 | RandyBlue , , | no comments

RandyBlue Ryan Knightly Solo
Download RandyBlue: Ryan Knightly – Solo with Direct link.
RB-RyanKnightly-Solo.mp4 [524 MB]

Ryan Knightly is one fine piece of beef cake. But my jaw dropped when I found out this perfectly chiseled stud was only 18 years old. I know you all are going to think I am a liar, but this six foot hunk of muscle is wise beyond his years. I took him out to the caves in the Hollywood Hills. He stripped his shirt off and started to show off his body to me. He was excited to show me what he could do. We drove back to the studio and he began to strip down even more. He got down to his underwear and asked me if I wanted to see it. This little fucker likes to play games. He whipped out his dick and it was hard as a rock. He stroked it up and down and licked his lips. He stood up and decided to take it to the next level. He spread his hot hole and started squeeze his ass. After teasing us with his perfect butt, he laid back and got ready to show us his load. He shot it all over his belly and moaned out in delight. You thought this was hot, then wait tip you see him in action. This Friday.


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