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RagingStallion – Fuck Hole – Johnny V & Joey D

February 27, 2015 | Ragingstallion , , | no comments

RagingStallion Fuck Hole Johnny V Joey DDownload RagingStallion – Fuck Hole – Johnny V & Joey D with Direct link.
RS-JohnnyV-JoeyD.mp4 [743.6 MB]

They chew each other’s lips and smash their boiling nuts together, until Johnny reaches out to tear Joey’s jock away so he can suck his hard cock throbbing behind the mesh. Joey playfully cock-whips him, then directs his sexual focus at Johnny’s muscle-butt. Joey kneads it, slaps it, and spits at Johnny’s tight hole before drilling it with his tongue and fingers.

It’s only a matter of time before Johnny wants more and demands ‘that big fuckin’ cock’ in his ass. His wish is granted, and he gets all nine inches of Joey’s thick, juicy dick in a powerful thrust.

Their smooth muscular bodies writhe as Joey slams Johnny. They roll into a sit-fuck position to mix up the romp, and Johnny rides hard on Joey’s huge cock, beating Joeys chest in appreciation of the intense fuck he’s getting.

The excitement explodes as Johnny grabs his cock and sprays multiple streams of cum across both of their torsos. In a spectacular climax, colossus Joey stands over Johnny and showers him with spunk.


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