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RandyBlue – Dustin Holloway & Kurtis Wolfe

February 27, 2015 | RandyBlue , , | 1 comment

RandyBlue Dustin Holloway Kurtis Wolfe Download RandyBlue – Dustin Holloway & Kurtis Wolfe Flip Fuck and swap loads with Direct link.
RB-DustinHolloway-KurtisWolfe.mp4 [605 MB]

Dustin Holloway has a crush on Kurtis Wolfe. Kurtis has been helping Dustin with some workout tips at the gym and has been giving him a ride home. Today, Kurtis asks if he can stop in to use the bathroom. Dustin tries to be coy, but he cannot help but take a peek as Kurtis goes to the bathroom. But then he gets caught. Humiliated, Dustin retreats to his bedroom. Kurtis confronts him, and Dustin admits that he has a crush on him. Kurtis admits that he has a crush on Dustin too. Cue porn music. These two have a fire that is fucking electric. They have the wettest deepest kisses and Dustin goes down and devours that cock like he has not eaten in days. Then as Kurtis sucks on him, he straddles Dustin and takes his cock and begins rubbing it on his ass. Kurtis slides down on it and has Dustin fuck the bejesus out of him. As Dustin fucks him doggie, he whispers into his ear if Kurtis wants to fuck him now. Kurtis is more than obliged. He pushes Dustin on his back lifts his legs and slides it in. It is too much for Dustin to bear. He spurts a geyser of cum while Kurtis is balls deep inside of him. Then Kurtis pulls and nuts. Dustin sucks up the last drops hanging off of his dick and then feeds it back to Kurtis. This is the best hd gay porn video you are going to see in a while.


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