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CollegeDudes – Alex Greene & Sean Duran

CollegeDudes Alex Greene Sean DuranDownload CollegeDudes – Alex Greene & Sean Duran  with Direct link.
CD-AlexGreene-SeanDuran.mp4 [826.4 MB]

It doesn’t get much hotter than Alex Greene and Sean Duran bumpin’ uglies for some cash! These sexy, tattooed guys go right for it, kissing and making out before they lose their clothes and Sean finds Alex’s cock in his mouth! He sucks on Alex’s balls and strokes his shaft with his hand while he flicks the tip with his tongue…that is, until they start to 69 and then Alex gives head and in return, gets a rimjob!

More ass-play ensues before they move on to the main event: balls deep ass-pounding action! Sean kneels behind Alex and slowly inserts himself into Alex’s entrance, giving him some time to warm up before he starts pounding a little harder and faster. He buries himself in Alex but then they flip and it’s Alex’s cock in Sean’s ass, and he takes that huge prick like it’s nothing before they flip again and Alex gets his ass fucked in so many positions before he eventually can’t take it anymore and shoots his load. Sean is dripping at the sight of all that cum, and he pulls out and strokes out a huge load onto Alex!


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