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FrenchDudes – No Lube? No Problem! – Olivier & Max Lacoste

FrenchDudes No Lube? No Problem! Olivier Max LacosteDownload FrenchDudes – No Lube? No Problem! – Olivier & Max Lacoste Direct link.

FD-NoLubeNoProblem-Olivier-MaxLacoste.mp4 [279.2 MB]

The video just started and I’m already envious of Oliver sucking on Max Lacoste cock. Hell, I’m envious of the cameraman laying under the two filming it; some guys have all the fun! Off come the shorts and Max settles back on the sofa for a little more lip service before Oliver hops “on board.” Whoops, seems as though someone forgot the lube. Oliver stands back up and we get a “rear” view “ring side seat.” Love this angle, nice ass Oliver and love those beautiful balls hanging down.

Seems as though Max has a solution to the “no lube” problem; some thick cream from the fridge. Hey! don’t scoff, it works… watch and see. Max pounds away on Oliver doggy style on the floor and looks right at the camera and gives us a big smile. “Hey you sexy little fuck”… think he heard me? LOL

Back up on the sofa for another spin with Oliver riding atop of Max cock. Looks like the thick cream has worked well as Oliver looks at the camera while bouncing up and down on Max cock. The two look ready to cum as Oliver hops off. But Max wants to try out the cream a little more, but this time, feeds his cock to Oliver while pouring in a little of the cream from the fridge. I have a feeling it’s going to be a different sort of cream here shortly.

The two go back to the sofa and Max fucks Oliver a little more. Oliver can’t hold back any longer and blows his load while getting fucked. Then Max pulls out and blows all over Oliver. Where’s the “replay” button, I’m going to wear this video out!


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