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CollegeDudes – Santiago Figueroa & Billy Warren

CollegeDudes Santiago Figueroa Billy WarrenDownload CollegeDudes – Santiago Figueroa & Billy Warren Direct link.

CD-SantiagoFigueroa-BillyWarren.mp4 [362.5 MB]

Santiago Figueroa and Billy Warren don’t waste much time on making out, these boys are dying to get to the good stuff! After a few kisses, Santiago gets on his knees and teases Billy’s cock over his underwear before taking those off and shoving Billy’s big dick into his mouth. He sucks Billy’s delicious dick while Billy plays with Santiago’s nipple and watches him from above, and when it’s time to switch places, Billy dives right in and gives Santiago amazing oral while Santiago shoves his cock even deeper into Billy’s mouth.

Before they finish with the foreplay, they get some 69ing in so they can both suck and get sucked, and when they’re horny as fuck and can’t hold back any more, Santiago bends Billy over the bed and slowly slides his cock into his ass. He takes Billy’s ass every which way, fucking him hard once he gets Billy used to his size, and Billy loves every second of Santiago’s prick filling up his tight hole! When Billy climbs on top and rides Santiago, he jerks his dick until he explodes all over, then lets Santiago cum while he massages his balls with his tongue!


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