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PeterFever – Sniff – Michael Cummings & Sean Duran

PeterFever Sniff Michael Cummings Sean Duran
Download PeterFever – Sniff – Michael Cummings & Sean Duran Direct link.

PF-MichaelCummings-SeanDuran.mp4 [313.5 MB]

I went looking for Sean and found something better, a pair of his worn Andrew Christians lying on his bed.  I imagined them hugging his firm round ass and could not resist taking a sniff.  I took a deep breath and I could smell the heavenly musk of his sweaty junk. Before I could take another sniff, Sean caught me with underwear in hand and my heart raced. Next thing you know, my underwear was off and I was getting rammed by his colossal cock.


  1. Anders says: June 30, 2015

    Sean Duran is amazing… But this pairing is weird. The Asian guy is so unfortunate-looking it kinda makes this scene unwatchable…

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