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Str8Hell – Petr Said – Hot Ass

July 15, 2015 | Str8hell , | no comments

Str8Hell Petr Said Hot Ass

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Petr Said is one very cute and very sexy guy. In this hot ass scene we find his as he stands and feels his body. He removes his tee shirt to show off a very sexy chest, which his hands continue to feel. He continues undressing until he is naked, and turns, back to camera to show off his beautiful ass. Petr reaches back to grab his ass cheeks, pulling on them with gives a nice glimpse of his tight hole. Then we get more of that sexy hole as Petr kneels on the sofa and really pulls on his ass cheeks. That opens up his hot hole so well. It just invites us to ‘come on in’. A helping hand arrives and drips oil onto Petr’s hot hole, rubbing it all over the sexy ass. It is not long before a finger is deeply fucking that hot hole, going all the way in. Then the finger is replaced, with a vibrator and fucks Petr’s hole real deep. Petr turns over and leans back, with his legs in the air, so that his hole is still available for action. A different toy is used to stretch the ass lips wider, as it fucks him. Petr takes that with ease, and so he is moved onto the floor, resting on his shoulders, with his ass in the air. A thicker vibrator appears and pushes into that sexy ass. Petr feels that and grimaces, but takes it deep. His hot ass is stretched wide and fucked deep by the vibrator. It opens his hole nicely. Petr takes it very well, feeling it all as his hole really gets a great work out. Then Petr stands up and wanks on his cock. He keeps wanking his dick and until it releases a nice stream of hot, sticky cum for us.


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