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RedHotLatinos – Jesus Amado (Daddy) & Peko

RedHotLatinos Jesus Amado Daddy Peko

Download RedHotLatinos – Jesus Amado (Daddy) & Peko with Direct link.

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Jesus Amado opens the front door and in walks Peko, the cute young delivery boy with groceries, a hungry look in his eyes. After giving Peko a glass of cold water Jesus spills some, wetting the boys shirt. As Jesus begins to undress Peko their tongues explore each others mouth and cocks. On his knees in the kitchen, Peko enjoys servicing Jesus’s cock with his hungry mouth. Now both naked on the floor kissing wildly, Peko bends over the stove enticing Jesus to taste his ass. Jesus devours the nectar oozing from his manhole and swollen dick. With one leg on the counter and the other on the stove, Peko is in ecstasy getting rimmed mid­air. When Jesus’s cock finds Peko’s hole he strokes away. Now bouncing up and down on Jesus’s dick, Peko moans as he squirts a hot load followed shortly by a massive penal emission by Jesus.


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