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WilliamHiggins – Vaclav Chovanec – Erotic Solo

WilliamHiggins Vaclav Chovanec Erotic SoloWilliamHiggins Vaclav Chovanec Erotic Solo

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Vaclav Chovanec is a great looking straight guy. He is aged 19 and is currently studying at university. In his spare time Vaclav enjoys sports, particularly boxing and soccer. What a great looking guy he is and he does a very nice interview in English. Then Vaclav stands and slowly removes his tee shirt to show off a fabulous chest. His hands run over the chest and he flexes a bicep to show off the muscles. Then he gropes himself through his jeans, as he continues feeling his chest. He opens the jeans and pushes them down to take them off, showing his thick thighs. He looks great standing in only his underwear, as he reaches to grope himself again. He slips a hand into the underwear for a feel too. Vaclav then turns around and pushes down the underwear to show off a very sexy ass. He hands pull on the cheeks, parting them as he looks back over his shoulder. Facing the camera again he slides the underwear down, revealing a real beauty of a cock, with big, heavy balls too. Vaclav takes hold of his big, swelling dick and wanks it. It is so thick he can hardly wrap his hand around it. As the cock gets harder and harder Vaclac gyrates the hips making the cock flop around. Then camera gives a lovely close-up of that massive cockhead, as he wanks himself. With the cock hard the head is so shiny and the balls still hang nice and low. Having enjoyed the beautiful cock we then get some ass as Vaclav lays on the bed with his legs in the air. He pulls his ass cheeks apart to expose his hot, tight hole. That hole looks so inviting as it tries to open up as he stretches the cheeks apart. Vaclav turns over, onto his knees to show that ass again, with the big balls hanging down between his thick thighs. He then turns over and lays down to wank on his meat again. He keeps on wanking, building up quite a sweat, until he cums. He dumps the creamy load on his sexy body, milking the cock dry. Then it is off to the shower to clean up.


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