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ActiveDuty – Quentin – Solo

July 22, 2015 | ActiveDuty , , | 1 comment

ActiveDuty Quentin Solo

Download ActiveDuty – Quentin – Solo with Direct link.

Download AD-Quentin.mp4 [1.37 GB]

Active Duty introduces Quentin who is an incredibly sexy soldier and only been on leave for about a week now. Quentin seems very at ease talking to Claude, and in fact, looked pretty comfortable stroking his meaty cock for the camera. This boy is just too delicious to have only one serving!

Once the pants come off, we get to see Quentin’s hard, juicy dick. He’s very well groomed and his cock is exquisitely shaped. He has a wonderful style of pleasuring himself. He goes at a steady, medium pace, and most of the time lets his hand run all the way over the top of his erect dick, and all the way back down through the base. We can’t wait to see him employ this technique on a partner!

When Quentin turns around and bends over, we get to see his bubbly, shapely ass up close. He continues stroking, pushing his cock back through his legs, up toward his nice, tight-looking hole. Quentin goes back into some nice, deep stroking, then gets to some pillow fucking. Even when he’s humping a pillow, that passion and intensity comes through. It’s also an opportunity to admire a very strong portion of Quentin’s physique.

This is a strong solo from a very hot, very passionate guy. We do think that this young recruit has amazing, bright star potential.


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