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ChaosMen – Bentley Live – Solo

July 22, 2015 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Bentley Live Solo

Download ChaosMen – Bentley Live – Solo with Direct link.

Download CM-Bentley-Live.mp4 [964.14 MB]

I was a little worried that Bentley would be too nervous to do a cam show.

He has always been quiet and reserved. He is a man of few words.

Bentley has been finishing up with school, so had very little time to do porn scenes. I have only been able to work with him on long holidays or summers. He graduated with his Civil Engineering degree, and is looking for work that aligns with his studies. Until then, he thought he would come in and do a few scenes.

I have been wanting to have him get fucked, and just hours before this cam show, he had been fucked for the first time by Armani. That video will air the last quarter of the year. The following day he was set to work with Truman. Once again, I knew I had someone who really wanted to save their nut for the next day.

Bentley is smart. Quick-witted and laughs easily. I feel like this last visit he was a lot more relaxed. I asked to make sure to read back the questions that you all asked before answering, and that is no easy feat. He does a great job, so the 40 minutes of interview time seems a lot less confusing on a replay.

He does get naked, shows-off his feet and his ass, and gets his cock fairly plump. We had almost 30 viewers, and everyone was super polite, and actually helpful in engaging a very shy guy.

Not sure this video is something to stroke to, but you do get to know Bentley a lot better, and I think that will make his other scenes hotter for the audience.


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