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ActiveDuty – Quentin & Michael

July 26, 2015 | ActiveDuty , , | no comments

ActiveDuty Quentin Michael

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Two of Active Duty‘s favourite recent recruits, Quentin and Michael, are finally together! Quentin is simply irresistible. From that first solo, we’ve been waiting with dick in hand to see him bottom for a take-charge type of recruit, exactly like Michael. Quentin is a fast learner and is eager to mix with fellow recruits. ‘You like that big cock in your ass?’ we hear Claude ask Quentin while Michael is slow-thrusting in and out. This was an incredibly hot moment. He smiles that wickedly cute smile and tells the camera that he ‘loves’ getting fucked by Michael.Michael definitely loves to make full use of his lusciously large dick. His focus and intensity were two of the things that contributed to making this pairing so choice. Quentin would easily adapt to being fucked by a more laid-back recruit, but we think getting slammed by someone like Michael for his first time was a great thing to see. It was a nice yin and yang blending that made it work so well. After seeing this, Active Duty think Quentin would do very well with someone like Gage. Gage is, by now of course, very comfortable and has become such a great member of the Active Duty team. Gage is so full of great, fun energy that we think he would do a number on Quentin to bring out his natural, happy-go-lucky personality. Hmmmm, perhaps the two of them sharing nice, stiff cock?? We totally think that would work!


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