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MormonBoyz – Elder Larsen – INTERROGATION

August 2, 2015 | MormonBoyz , | no comments

MormonBoyz Elder Larsen NTERROGATION

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Elder Larsen is feeling pretty cocky. He has a perfect body, and he knows it. All the other missionaries have been begging him to fuck them. And he has been happy to oblige, taking every opportunity to stuff his big cock in the other boys’ holes and nutting all over them.

President Woodruff has requested a meeting with Elder Larsen and his companion, Elder Butler. Elder Larsen assumes it will be a standard interview, but when the president enters the office, Larsen immediately senses that something is wrong. President Woodruff is wearing a scowl that is terrifying, and his silence makes both boys uncomfortable.

Elder Larsen tries to lighten the tension by starting a conversation. “Hi President, how are you?”

But President Woodruff interrupts him, visibly angry. “Don’t. Don’t start with me.” Elder Larsen falls silent. “It’s written in your file here that you’ve been masturbating.”

Elder Larsen is confused. Hadn’t President Woodruff molested him in his doctor’s office? And in the temple? But the boy is too afraid to say anything about their encounters.

Meanwhile, Elder Butler, who has been dominated and fucked whenever Larsen is horny, is snickering and enjoying his companion’s discomfort.

“I masturbated, but I repented. It’s in the past.”

President Woodruff doesn’t respond to the boy’s defense of his actions. He continues in the same angry tone: “It also says you fucked several other missionaries. Is that true?” Elder Larsen is shocked. Who turned him in? Was it Elder Butler?

But he knows better than to deny the accusation. “Yes. It’s true.”

President Woodruff knows just what kind of punishment this cocky kid needs. “Well, you’ve fucked them. But have you ever been fucked?”

“No sir. Never. I only fucked them.”

“Well, you’re about to find out what it feels like. I’m going to do what you did to them — times ten.”

Elder Larsen is scared, but also turned on. None of the other boys have been man enough to question his dominance, but President Woodruff makes him feel like a powerless little boy.

President Woodruff takes off his own necktie, then demands both Butler’s tie and Larsen’s. He strips Elder Larsen and bends his naked body over his desk. He ties Larsen’s left hand down, and then his right hand. Larsen’s arms are stretched wide, and his asshole is exposed.

Then the president puts the final tie around Larsen’s neck, ties it to the desk and cinches it tight. Larsen squirms uncomfortably, but he doesn’t complain. He’s almost looking forward to the pounding that’s coming his way. The president wets a finger and sticks it in the boy’s tight hole.

Fucking the boy’s young virginal hole is going to be a mixture of pleasure and pain for Elder Larsen. Probably quite a lot of exquisite pain before the boy learns to love it. But he will, and Woodruff can’t wait to get started.


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