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WilliamHiggins – Vaclav Chovanec – MASSAGE

WilliamHiggins Vaclav Chovanec MASSAGE

Download WilliamHiggins – Vaclav Chovanec – MASSAGE with Direct link.

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Vaclav Chovanec is such a sexy guy. We invited him in for a massage, by Mattias Solich. Vaclav lays on the bed in just his underwear, waiting for Mattias to arrive. Mattias comes in and gets right to work, taking some oil and massaging Vaclav’s back. He straddles Vaclav as he works his big, strong hands all over the back. Mattias’ hands massage the shoulders and up and down the back. He lowers Valclav’s underwear slightly so that he can really work the base of the spine. This shows some of Vaclav’s beautiful, hairy, ass. Moving to the side Mattias then concentrates on the top of Vaclav’s ass cheeks, before pulling the underwear off to show just how hot that ass is. His hands glide over the ass cheeks and on to the thighs. As they work the hands part the ass cheeks showing the hairy crack. Those hands work well on the thighs and the ass, pulling the cheeks wide apart and running a hand down the crack. Mattias’ fingers rub against the cock and balls as he works on the ass. He then moves Vaclav onto his knees, so that the ass spreads nicely. Reaching between the legs Mattias’ is able to wank of Vaclav’s cock, which is nice and hard, and his balls too. He drips more oil onto the ass rubbing it in, and over the hot hole. One hand rubs over the ass as the other wanks on the stiff dick. Taking a vibrator Mattias pushes it into Vaclav’s tight hole, continuing to wank him at the same time. The vibrator goes into the ass quite easily and stays in place, before sliding in further. Vaclav’s cock is rock hard and Mattias makes sure to wank it as he plays with the ass. Vaclav’s ass has taken the vibrator well so Mattias removes it and replaces it with a thicker one. He slides it into the hole, pushing it in nice and deep. The hole is stretched wide as the toy stays in that hole. Mattias keeps wanking on the cock as the vibrator is all the way in that ass, and stays in place when the hand is removed. The toy is removed and Vaclav turns over. His big cock stands proud as Mattias drips oil onto that sexy chest and rubs it in. Then he takes hold of the cock again, it has stayed hard and Mattias wanks it pulling the skin down to expose the big purple head. He leans over and sucks on the cock, his lips wrapped tight around the head and sliding it down his throat. Then he wanks it, harder and faster, keeping going until Vaclav release his cum, which lands on his belly. Mattias milks the cock dry before taking his leave. Vaclav turns over onto his belly to relax a little. Then he goes to the shower to clean up.


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