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DirtyTony – Alex LeBue’s First Gay Hummer

August 13, 2015 | Dirtytony , , | no comments

DirtyTony Alex LeBue’s First Gay Hummer

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Download DT-AlexLebue.mp4 [283.26 MB]

Alex Lebue is a very passionate guy with a ripped figure that even most guys would notice. And not coincidentally, one of his friends asked him to be their workout buddy. Alex is an equal opportunity employer, so he was happy to lend a hand. First, the two studs throw off some clothes and get down on the floor to start off with a few pushups. Then Alex shows off with some sit-ups. Then a bit of shadow boxing, gets both of them breaking a sweat, and Alex starts showing off a bit of wood under his pants. His buddy notices it, and as soon as they take a break, his buddy’s hands drift right to Alex’s crotch. In moments, his buddy’s mouth is on Alex’s cock, and Alex leans back and puts his hands on the back of his buddy’s head to guide him on his thick rod. He presses his buddy’s head down, slowly opening his throat up while his buddy pulls down his pants. Alex lets his hands explore his buddy’s body while he gets serviced. Then Alex tosses his tank top off and stands up facing his buddy so he can get his cock all the way down his eager throat. Alex shows off an amazing profile as he thrusts into his buddy’s throat. His ripped abs tighten with each stroke as he probes deeper. Then Alex sits back as his buddy stretches his throat to take in his cock almost down to the hilt. Then he gets his nut sack serviced while he jerks his rock hard cock Then Alex stands up and grabs a handful of the back of his buddy’s head and starts thrusting deep. He pulls out at the last moment and blasts a huge creamy load all over his buddy’s face. It is literally dripping off his face, thick and creamy. His buddy gets back on Alex’s cock to make sure he gets every last drop.


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