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WilliamHiggins – Kail Kopec & Marek Borek – RAW

WilliamHiggins Kail Kopec Marek Borek RAW

Download WilliamHiggins – Kail Kopec & Marek Borek – RAW with Direct link.

Download WH-KailKopec-MarekBorek-RAW.mp4 [761.18 MB]

In a great scene we have Kail Kopec and Marek Borek. As we join them Kail is on his laptop and Marek is exercising his biceps. But they soon forget about those things and get together for some hot action. Marek’s chest is quickly bared, showing off his muscles. Then Kail’s hairy chest is on view too, as Marek runs his hands over it. The kiss each other and then with Marek naked and hard Kail leans over to suck on his cock. His mouth clamps tight around Marek’s dick and sucks it hard. He keeps on sucking, taking it deep into his mouth as Marek leans over to play with his ass. Kail wanks himself as he sucks and Marek’s finger is deep in his hot ass. Moving to a 69 with Kail on top they suck each other’s stiff dicks. Then Kail wants more, he wants Marek’s big cock deep in his ass. Marek is happy to oblige and, as Kail is on his back with his legs up, his cock slides deep into that hole. Kail stays rock hard as his hole gets fucked deep. Then he changes position, bent over, for Marek to pound his hole some more. Marek’s dick goes all the way into that eager hole, opening it up real good. Marek then lays on the sofa and Kail climbs onto that cock and rides it. His ass slides up and down on the throbbing cock, taking every inch. Moving to a spoon position Marek continues to fuck that ass deep and hard as Kail wanks himself and shoots his creamy load. His hot cum shoots up onto his belly as Marek continues fucking him hard. Then Marek pulls out and shoots his cum all over Kail’s chest. Kail sucks the spent cock into his mouth to clean it off and then they go off to the shower to clean up.


  1. landy says: August 24, 2015

    could u also upload a 4K version plz which is 1440P.

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