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ChaosMen – Augustine – Solo

September 28, 2015 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Augustine Solo

Download ChaosMen – Augustine – Solo with Direct link.

Download CM-Augustine.mp4 [412.87 MB]

Chaos Men newcomer, Augustine, sure has a nice long cock for a shorter guy! At about 5’5″ he has an 8 inch cock. He says he gets up to nine, but didn’t want to over sell it. Regardless, on his small frame it looks 10 inches! The proverbial kick stand!

He has a little bit of a country accent, which I think fits with his bushy goatee. We waited for him to grow his pubes out, and so glad we did, because I think guys with facial or chest hair intact, but no pubes, looks even more out of place.

He likes red-heads, and girl’s asses. He says he has wedged his cock into a few girl’s butts, but many struggle to take it.

He has a calm sexy vibe about him, and loves to stroke his hard cock for us.

We definitely need to see Augustine’s cock slide down a guy’s throat!


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