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CollegeDudes – Dimitri Kane & Zeke Weidman

CollegeDudes Dimitri Kane Zeke Weidman

Download CollegeDudes – Dimitri Kane & Zeke Weidman with Direct link.

Download CD-DimitriKane-ZekeWeidman.mp4 [874.33 MB]

Our two studs in the studio are Zeke Weidman and Dimitri Kane and after only a few kisses Zeke is on his knees getting a taste of Dimitri’s juicy prick, deepthroating his cock and running his hands and mouth all over it as he cups Dimitri’s balls in his hand. When it’s Zeke’s turn to get his cock sucked, Dimitri pushes him onto the bed and slowly works that long shaft with his wet, warm mouth, sliding that cock down his throat as Zeke grows harder by the minute!

Dimitri straddles Zeke, getting some more head as he reaches back and jerks Zeke’s erect prick then slowly slides his tight ass onto that waiting cock, letting his tight hole warm up to Zeke’s thick cock before he starts riding it hard then letting Zeke take control as he fucks him while they make out. Dimitri takes Zeke’s long dick until Zeke is ready to blow, pulling out and dripping his thick load onto his abs…but these guys aren’t done yet!

They flip and Dimitri is pounding Zeke, stuffing his fat cock inside of Zeke’s ass as Zeke spreads his legs wide apart to receive Dimitri’s hard, thick cock! Even though he came once, Zeke yanks on his dick while Dimitri fucks him and when Dimitri is close to release, he pulls out and Zeke helps him all the way there until he’s covered in his own cum!


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