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WilliamHiggins – Milan Rezac – EROTIC SOLO

October 1, 2015 | William Higgins , , | no comments

WilliamHiggins Milan Rezac EROTIC SOLO

Download WilliamHiggins – Milan Rezac – EROTIC SOLO with Direct link.

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Milan Rezac is aged 22. He is handsome, straight, university student who enjoys sports, ice-hockey and soccer. He does a nice interview, in English and then lays along the sofa, opening his shirt and showing off his sexy chest. Milan then opens his belt and undoes his jeans, pushing them down a little. That shows that his cock is already hard in his underwear. He rubs his hands over that stiff cock and pushes the jeans down further. As he gropes his cock in the underwear Milan also feels his sexy chest. He soon releases taht stiff cock from the underwear and takes hold of it, giving it a nice slow wank. The cock looks so good in his hand, as the head shinces and the foreskin moves back and forther. The cock is surrounded by a nice thick bush too, adding to the great view. Looking directly into the camera Milan keeps wanking himself and feeling his body. He sits up and removes the jeans and underwear, allowing him to part his legs wide as he keeps wanking. Then he lifts his legs and shows off his ass. The cheeks spread to expose his tight hole. The hairy cheeks are pulled wider apart by Milan’s hands which makes the ass hole stretch nicely too. As we examine that hot hole Milan takes hold of his cock again and wanks it some more. Turning over, onto his knees, to show that ass some more Milan is joined by a helping hand. The hands takes some oil and coat that sexy ass with it. As Milan wanks his cock back between his legs the hands keep exploring the sexy ass. More oil is dripped onto it, and rubbed in with the fingers rubbing over Milan’s hole. Having enjoyed that hole we then see Milan turn over and keep wanking as oil is applied to his sexy body. As the hands works all over his chest Milan wanks his hard dick and soon shoots his hot cum. Some shoots right up his body, hitting him on the nose and over his chest. He keeps milking the cock and wipes the cum from his face. The helping hand reaches down and takes hold of the spent cock, rubbing the head before returning to that sexy body. Then Milan takes himself off to the shower to clean up after a great video.


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