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WilliamHiggins – Petr Plodner – SESSION STILLS

October 2, 2015 | William Higgins , , | no comments

WilliamHiggins Petr Plodner SESSION STILLS

Download WilliamHiggins – Petr Plodner – SESSION STILLS with Direct link.

Download WH-PetrPlodner.mp4 [271.01 MB]

Petr Plodner is a great looking straight guy aged 20. He is currently unemployed and enjoys sports, ice-hockey and football. Oh my! He does look so good in this shoot, flashing us an amazing smaile very early on. Then Petr shows off his beautiful chest, so slim and well defined, as he removes his tee shirt. He poses with his hands behind his heads as we enjoy the chest. Then he removes his pants and lowers his underwear slightly, standing with his hands on his hips. Turning and bending, with the underwear pushed off his ass he shows that pretty butt. As he bends the cheeks are spread just enough to show his tight, shaved hole. Then Petr stands up straight, facing teh camera giving a nice view of his cock and balls. He takes hold of the cock, by the foresking and pulls on it. Releasing the cock and placing his hands on the hips again, we laughs as we inspect a lovely full length view. Next Petr sits on the sofa and leans back, he lifts his legs in the air, spreading his ass cheeks and really shows off his hot, tight, hole. Time for some hard cock and Petr most certainly doesn’t disappoint. His dick gets so hard and grows to a lovely, long, length. He gives us a series of hot poses to really show the cock. Firstly standing, then sitting and also kneeling, each with that big cock poking out in front of him. After all those great shots of his cock he gives us another look at his sexy ass as a great shoot comes to a close.


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