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CockyBoys – Liam Riley Fucks New Cocky Boys Exclusive Kody Stewart

CockyBoys Liam Riley Fucks New Cocky Boys Exclusive Kody StewartDownload CockyBoys – Liam Riley Fucks New Cocky Boys Exclusive Kody Stewart with Direct link.

CB-LiamRiley-KodyStewart.mp4 [544.05 MB]

Liam Riley and Kody Stewart are leisurely cuddling on the couch but things are slowly starting to heat up. They both want it and they both can’t wait to get it so without wasting anymore time Kody Stewart starts sucking Liam Riley off. He’s eagerly showing off his no gag reflex skills and he seems to love every inch of Liam Riley’s big throbbing cock. Liam Riley of course can’t wait to return the favor so he takes Kody Stewart’s pants off and shoves his face in Kody’s crotch. Kody Stewart’s of course is already rock hard and ready to stuff Liam’s mouth with his dick and he’s not even shy about it. Even though Liam Riley is getting ready to top for the first time in his life he still tells Kody to eat his ass which he’s more than eager to do.

After rimming Liam Riley’s hole though, Kody Stewart realizes that what he really wants more than anything else is to get fucked hard. So he lays on the table and lifts his legs up in the air and demands that Liam fucks him right then and there. Liam Riley spits on Kody Stewart’s hole and in one swift motion shoves his dick balls deep into Kody’s tight little hole and starts pounding away. Kody Stewart is clearly in pure bottom heaven as Liam Riley plows his hole and all he can do is just keep begging for more. Then Laim flips him over the couch and continues to drill Kody Stewart’s hole with no mercy before ordering him to ride him on the couch. Kody Stewart can’t even take it anymore and starts shooting cum all over the place while Liam Riley is still fucking his ass then he jumps off of Liam to make sure he gets a taste of his load too.

After this scene, it should be pretty obvious to anyone that Liam Riley is not only a power bottom but also a power top!


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