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WilliamHiggins – Petr Plodner – EROTIC SOLO

October 8, 2015 | William Higgins , , | no comments

WilliamHiggins Petr Plodner EROTIC SOLO

Download WilliamHiggins – Petr Plodner – EROTIC SOLO with Direct link.

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Petr Plodner is a great looking straight guy aged 20. He is currently unemployed and enjoys sports,ice-hockey and football. He is a fine looking guy who does a nice interview, in English, at the start of his video. Then Petr stands and begins to feel his body. He lifts his tee shirt, showing a lovely, slim abdomen. He certainly looks very fit. As he feels the body he also gropes his groin. Petr sits on the sofa and then removes his tee shirt. This gives us a good look at his chest which is very good. He stands again and continues to grope himself and to run his hands over his chest. He opens his jeans and slips a hand inside. Then the jeans are removed and he stands, in only his underwear as the camera moves up his hairy legs, over his groin and onto the sexy chest again. His cock is swelling in his underwear and soon Petr shows it off. It is a nice big cock and is quite hard as he takes it in hand and wanks it gently. Swinging his hips has that big cock waving from side to side. Then he wanks it again. It looks so good with the head peeping through the foreskin. Sitting on the sofa again Petr leans back with his legs wide apart. He wanks his big cock as he continues to feel his body. That cock is so hard as he wanks it, pulling the foreskin back off the head as he does so. With those legs so wide apart we get a teasing glimpse of his ass crack as he wanks. Then Petr lifts his legs in the air to improve our view of his ass. The tight hole is on view as he reaches for his ass with one hand and wanks with the other. Pulling on the ass cheeks he really spreads the ass nicely, with his tight pucker hole oopening up a little. He closes his legs, trapping his balls and big cock between his thighs as he continues pulling on his ass cheeks. He turns onto his right side, still with that big cock trapped between the thighs, to give us a different view of his hot ass. Petr then sits up and wanks his big dick again. He gets it so hard, with precum wetting the head as he keeps wanking. His balls are tight up against the shaft of his cock as he delivers a nice creamy cumshot. He keeps wanking his cock to get all the cum out before going off to the shower to clean up.


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