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WilliamHiggins – Viktor and Nils – SOFT DUOS

October 11, 2015 | William Higgins , , | no comments

WilliamHiggins Viktor Nils SOFT DUOS

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After the very sexy Nils Edberg returned to the fold a short while ago we just had to get him in for a soft duo with Viktor Burek. He sits with Viktor and they have a nice chat before they move towards each other and enjoy a kiss. Then Nils removes his tee shirt and shows off his awesome body to Viktor. Then Nils moves onto his knees and removing his pants and has his back and sexy ass toward Viktor. Viktor quickly begins to run his hands over the back and moves Nils so that he has access to his groin. Viktor rubs the cock through Nils’ underwear and bends forward to kiss it. Kissing some more and Viktor’s tee shirt comes off too, before Nils goes back onto his knees, presenting his ass to Viktor. With the underwear pulled down Viktor is able to rub that sexy ass and kiss it. His tongue starts to work on Nils tight hole too. He licks the hot hole and then pulls Nils’ cock back between his legs so that he can suck it. Nils turns over so that Viktor can really get his mouth working on that lovely cock. Viktor does a great job on the cock, as Nils kneels, with the dick poking out in front of him. Standing up, both naked and hard, they kiss again as Nils hand reaches for Viktor’s cock. But Viktor hasn’t finished with his need to suck and he goes back down on Nils big cock. He takes it as far down his throat as he can, with saliva sliding from his mouth. Then he stands and Nils drops to his knees, and slowly licks the cock and then takes it into his mouth. He sucks on Viktor’s cock, his luscious lips wrapping tight around it. They are both enjoying sucking and move to a 60, with Nil’s on top. Nils gets very excited indeed and kneels over Viktor’s handsome face to shoot his hot, creamy cum all over his chest. Viktor’s tongue comes out to lap at the sticky cock and the tight balls. Then Viktor takes hold of his own cock and wanks it to a lovely climax, moaning loudly as he dumps the cream all over his belly. Fully spent the guys kiss again and go off to the shower to help each other clean up.


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