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ChaosMen – Noah Riley Services Reuben

October 14, 2015 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Noah Riley Services Reuben

Download ChaosMen – Noah Riley Services Reuben with Direct link.

Download CM-NoahRiley-Reuben.mp4 [20.00 MB]

Reuben gave us a really awesome solo last week. He was very nervous to do this Serviced video with Noah Riley.

For photos he gets hard super easy and even got himself hard before the filming began. Noah Riley slides in quickly, and then perhaps spends a little too much time playing with his cock through his shorts before attacking.

So our confident Reuben suddenly had a wave of anxiety wash over him as his dick started to go down.

But Noah Riley got more aggressive, and after a couple minutes he has it up and stone hard! I left all that footage in because it shows how great Noah was doing.

And with his cock hard again, Reuben was back to being super confident. He has great bossy energy, and pays little attention to the video. He loved jack-hammering his cock into Noah Riley’s face! We definitely need to see this dude fucking!

Even up on his knees, he makes Noah Riley suck on his cock with rapid-fire action!

We do get a bit of rimming. Noah Riley’s beard tickled his ass, so he moves down to suck his cock backwards. Hard to do because Reuben’s cock likes to point up and not down. But you get to see how perfect Reuben’s hole is!

Truly an awesome facial! Noah Riley flips Reuben on his back, and he pumps and slurps until he pulls the load out of Reuben. It spills out all over his beard, which Noah Riley LOVES! The cum lingers on his beard so he can enjoy it long after the amazing nut! Noah is not afraid to admit he is a #CumSlut!

Pretty sure Reuben will be back. He had a lot of fun. He of course wants, to Top to start with, but he does not seem opposed to trying everything eventually.


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