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ActiveDuty – Max – Solo

October 21, 2015 | ActiveDuty , , | no comments

ActiveDuty Max Solo

Download ActiveDuty – Max – Solo with Direct link.

Download AD-Max.mp4 [1.24 GB]

Max really seems like such a down-to-earth, friendly dude. Mark my words, if we can coax Max into coming back to us and mixing things up with a fellow recruit (of a few), we’ll have some awesome results. He’s so likeable and mellow, the sort of guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Just what we like to see here!

Once Claude fires up a dirty movie and gives max the green light, we do see a little reticence. This is healthy, I think, and we’ll be privileged ( I hope!) to see a promising new recruit blossom from optimistic caterpillar to fluttering butterfly very soon.

When that dick comes out, Max gets to cranking. It’s his first time, like I said, and we see him a little stiff here. I enjoyed seeing his feet while on the couch. He has nice, long feet that I’m sure are big helpers when he’s wrestling with competitors in the ring.

Next, we have Max thrusting his hard cock into some pillows on the couch. Boy, what a nice, athletic ass. I can certainly imagine those muscular cheeks taking some punishment from a strong, top-end soldier!

Max stands up after this and tugs his way to an excellent eruption of warm goodness, all over a set of leather pillows. Until next time we see this stud, I’ll be eagerly looking forward to experiencing more of his warmth and good ol’ fashioned charm.


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