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ExtraBigDicks – Heartbreakr Part 4 – Caleb Troy & Brett Bradley

ExtraBigDicks Heartbreakr Part 4 Caleb Troy Brett BradleyDownload ExtraBigDicks – Heartbreakr Part 4 – Caleb Troy & Brett Bradley with Direct link.

EBD-BrettBradley-CalebTroy.mp4 [418.64 MB]

It’s been a long run for the player but now it looks like Caleb has finally found his match. He doesn’t want to let this one go and he can’t believe he is feeling this way about another man. He figured he would be banging out dudes left and right without any feelings becoming attached. Maybe that big ass dick Brett is packing had something to do with it but we will never truly know but Caleb does let Brett fuck him with that big sexy dick of his. Caleb never bottoms but he wants to show his commitment for this new found relationship he is creating. Brett has to ease his way into that tight ass slow very slow but Caleb opens up and sits all the way down on that thick throbbing cock enjoying his ass stretching to fit his new lover’s big cock in. Caleb loves it and he knows he made the right decision as he rides and grinds that dick. The two fall passionately in love as the kiss, fondle and make some creamy loads happen.



  1. thewatcher says: December 6, 2015

    Thanks Team! <3 I love Brett Bradley, he is for me one of the few best top fuckers in porn currently, I love more when him bares holes <3 Please Team, may you get "Brett Bradley fucks Seam Storm (Bareback)"

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