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WilliamHiggins – Alois Tomas & Matej Borzik

WilliamHiggins Alois Tomas Matej BorzikDownload WilliamHiggins – Alois Tomas & Matej Borzik with Direct link.

WH-AloisTomas-MatejBorzik.mp4 [644.82 MB]

Alois Tomas is a bit under the weather it seems. He is drinking tea as he lays on the sofa, and he takes him temperature. Matej Borzik arrives and tries to rouse Alois, not believing that he is unwell. In fact he decides to check, by removing Alois’ underwear and rubbing his cock. Matej licks the balls and then takes the cock in his mouth. As he sucks on the cock it begins to grou and gets nice and hard. Alois lays there enjoying the feeling in his cock as Matej continues to suck. Matej needs more than just sucking cock and moves up to kiss Alois who, despite feeling unwell, responds in kind. Matej removes Alois tee shirt and gets naked himself, releasing his own very hard cock. Alois is quick to get his lips around the big fat cock and sucks it real good. Matej moans as his cock is sucked and then he climbs over Alois so they can enjoy a very nice 69. As Alois sucks on Matej’s dick he can also glimpse his hot hole. Soon he has Matej bent over and receiving his hard cock. Alois fucks Matej’s ass deep and has him moaning as he takes the dick. He fucks hard and fast into Matej’s eager hole, slapping his ass with a belt as he fucks. They change position with Matej kneeling on the sofa as Alois continues to pound his hot hole. Then it a move to spoon position with Matej wanking as Alois keeps fucking his ass nice and deep. As he fucks that ass Alois can see Matej shooting his creamy load. Alois is ready to and pulls out to dump his cum on Matej’s ass. He leans over and kisses Matej and they both go to the shower to clean up.


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