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WilliamHiggins – Nikol Monak & Alan Carly – Screen Test RAW

WilliamHiggins Nikol Monak Alan Carly Screen Test RAWDownload WilliamHiggins – Nikol Monak & Alan Carly – Screen Test RAW with Direct link.

WH-Nikol-Alan.mp4 [683.70 MB]

Nikol Monak is one very hot newcomer. With his handsome looks and great body he was a natural to be invited for a screentest. We wanted to make sure we paired him with someone equally appealing so we opted for Alan Carly. Alan does a brief interview with Nikol and then leans over to kiss him. Then he has Nikol lay back on the sofa and he start to kiss his hot body. Alan removes Nikol’s tee shirt, revealing, that hot body. He rubs the sexy chest as he kisses Nikol. Nikol responds, rubbing Alan’s chest. Alan takes off his sweater and Nikol quickly leans over to kiss his chest. He opens Alan’s jeans, releasing his stiff cock. Nikol grabs the cock and starts to wank and then suck it. He kisses the cock and sucks it as well as wanking it. Alan is enjoying that feeling and removes his jeans so Nikol as better access. His hot lips enclose Alan’s throbbing cock as he does a great job on it. Then Nikol sits up and Alan helps himself to some cock too, releasing Nikol’s from his jeans and sucking on it. Nikol’s dick is rock hard as his jeans comes off and Alan sucks it deep into his mouth as the big balls rest between Nikol’s thighs. Nikol holds Alan’s head on his cock and starts to fuck it up into the mouth. Nikol lays along the sofa and Alan climbs over him so they can enjoy a hot 69. Then Alan straddle’s Nikol’s sexy body, rubbing his ass against the stiff cock. He reaches back and guides the big, stiff, cock into his ass, taking it all the way. Alan works his ass on Nikol’s cock, fucking it deep into his ass. Then Nikol starts to moan as he fucks his dick deep into Alan’s eager hole. He sits up and Alan quickly slides his ass down on that big cock again. His own dick is rock hard as he bounces up and down on Nikol’s. Nikol thrusts his dick up into Alan’s hot hole. As Alan rides the rock hard cock his own dick flails around in its’ rampant hardness. He rides the cock and grabs his own, wanking it hard and fast. His nuts tighten around the shaft of the cock as he wanks, with Nikol’s dick deep in his ass. He keeps wanking as Nikol pounds his ass as hard as he can. Nikol’s dick really stretches Alan’s hole. Alan’s moaning gets louder as his cock tbrobs in his hand, erupting in a big creamy cumshot. He milks his cock as Nikol continues fucking his ass. He moves Alan, bending him over and fucking him from behind. His massive dick rams in and out of Alan’s ass, going so deep and making Alan moan . Nikol’s massive balls swing as he pounds Alan’s ass. Alan keeps up his moaning as the cock works his ass. Nikol’s balls slap against Alan’s ass as his cock really slams into that ass. The fucking gets faster and faster until Nikol cant hold back. He pulls out and dumps his hot, creamy, cum all over Alan’s ass. Nikol’s milks every last drop of cum from his beautiful cock and they kiss before going off to the shower to help each other clean up after a really great screentest.


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