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WilliamHiggins – Emil Tomanek – HELPING HAND

December 8, 2015 | William Higgins , | no comments

WilliamHiggins Emil Tomanek HELPING HANDDownload WilliamHiggins – Emil Tomanek – HELPING HAND with Direct link.

WH-EmilTomanek.mp4 [640.74 MB]

Emil Tomanek is aged 18. This good looking straight guy works as an electrician and enjoys computer games. In this helping hand we start with an interview with Emil. Then he kneels on the bed and runs his hands over his body, lifting his tee shirt as he does so. Then he removes the tee shirt to show of a lovely, slim, body. He looks very fit. Opening his jeans Emil rubs his cock through his underwear as he continues to feel his chest. Then the jeans come off and Emil lays on the bed groping himself. A helping hand arrives and takes some oil to rub all over that sexy chest. The hands work all over Emil’s chest as he continues to rub himself through his underwear. The hand slides into Emil’s underwear and pushing his cock and balls out of the leg. Oil is dripped onto the cock as the hand starts to wank it. Emil’s underwear is removed and his legs pulled wide apart. Then more oil is applied and his cock and balls are rubbed by the hands. His cock begins to grow as the hand pulls on it. It glistens with oil as the foreskin is pulled back off the head. Emil’s legs are then pulled into the air to expose his ass hole. Oil is rubbed over the sexy ass and over the hole which opens up naturally as the cheeks are spread. he is turned over, onto his knees and more oil is applied to the sexy ass. Then Emil moves, to sit at the end of the bed and wank his cock. As he wanks the cock it releases its’ creamy cum and then he goes off to the shower to clean up.


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