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WilliamHiggins – Anton Sanek & Ivan Mraz – CHERRY BUSTING

WilliamHiggins Anton Sanek Ivan Mraz CHERRY BUSTINGDownload WilliamHiggins – Anton Sanek & Ivan Mraz – CHERRY BUSTING with Direct link.

WH-Anton-Ivan.mp4 [406.52 MB]

Anton Sanek came in to get his cherry busted by Ivan Mraz. The two of them sit on the sofa for a chat and then Ivan leans over to kiss Anton. Anton is happy to respond, returning the kisses. They remove each other’s tee shirts and return to kissing. Ivan then leans over and kisses and licks Anton’s nipples. He moves down to Anton’s groin, opening his jeans and groping inside. Then Ivan pulls Anton’s jeans off and starts rubbing his cock through the underwear. The underwear is removed and Anton’s cock and balls are available for Ivan. He begins to rub and lick and then takes hold of the cock and begins to suck it. Anton responds, with his cock getting quite hard immediately. Ivan is very good at sucking and continues on the cock. Then Ivan gets naked as well with his cock nice and hard. He keeps up his sucking on Anton’s stiff dick. He then gets up on his knees so that Anton can wank him. They look so good together as they wank and then Ivan sits and signals for Anton to come to him. He moves over, wanking on Ivan’s cock and kissing him. Then he moves down to Ivan’s rock hard cock and begins to suck on it. He wanks it as he sucks. Ivan moves onto his knees as Anton sucks the stiff cock and rubs the balls. He then lays back down and Ivan moves between his legs to suck on his balls and suck his cock again. Then he moves Anton so that he can rim his hot ass. He slips a finger into the hole as well. Then says he wants to fuck him. Anton agrees, but says to be careful, as it is his first time. Ivan then slides his hard cock into Anton’s tight, virgin, ass. He starts to slowly fuck the ass, as Anton feels it. He breathes heavily as Ivan fucks his ass, going in deeper. Ivan is soon fucking him hard and fast and Anton wanks his hard cock as he takes the dick in his hole. He shoots his cum all over his belly as Ivan fucks him. Then Ivan pulls out and shoots his hot cum over Anton as well. Leaning over to kiss Anton Ivan asks if he liked being fucked. Anton responds that it was interesting. Then they go off to shower together and enjoy some more kissing.


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