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ChaosMen – Berkeley – Solo

December 23, 2015 | Chaosmen , , | no comments

ChaosMen Berkeley SoloDownload ChaosMen – Berkeley with Direct link.

CM-Berkeley.mp4 [288.57 MB]

Berkeley is 18-years-old, about to be 19. He finished High School last year, and is taking a year off working for the family business.

He is straight, and watched some Asian lady porn to get off. He did say he has had his dick sucked by a couple guys, so he will be down for a ChaosMen Serviced video.

He has a mop of blonde hair on his head, and all of his body hair blond, right down to his pubes! Even his ass cheeks have baby fine blond hairs on them!

He gets his cock up pretty quickly but is fairly quiet during his solo. His blond pubes are so hot to look at!

Berkeley seems a little shy showing-off his ass, but again, his blonde bootie hair is such a turn-on!

He gets on his back to rub his cock until he spills his load. Thankfully he doesn’t cum quietly and really gets into sharing his load with you!


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