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MormonBoyz – Elder Isaacs & Elder Larsen – LEADERSHIP RETREAT

December 23, 2015 | MormonBoyz , , | no comments

MormonBoyz Elder Isaacs Elder Larsen LEADERSHIP RETREATDownload MormonBoyz – Elder Isaacs & Elder Larsen – LEADERSHIP RETREAT with Direct link.

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The dedication and effort that a Mormon boy puts into his mission can be astonishing. And for those young men selected to receive the higher priesthood, the preparatory steps culminating to their ordination by insemination while rewarding, often leave the boys exhausted and with little down time.

After several months apart, Elder Isaacs and Elder Larsen are reunited at the conclusion of Elder Larsen’s mission for what is known in the mission field as a, “Victory Tour.” Missionaries are allowed to spend their final week traveling to all the areas in their mission where they served.

Elder Isaacs has accompanied Elder Larsen on his tour which started and is now finishing at the home of Stake President Woodruff.

His mission finally over, having been inducted into the ranks of The Order, all Elder Larsen can think about is having some fun!

Elder Larsen and Elder Isaacs have been traveling on trains and busses all week and now are spending their last evening together at President Woodruff’s house.

…And so the boys do what any sensible teenagers would do in that situation. The two boys decide it’s the perfect time to let off some steam after two strenuous years of hard work.

In a room downstairs within the president’s home, the boys strip down to their garments and decide to engage in the favorite sport of the church’s founding prophet. Some good-natured wrestling.

The two of them tumble around the room, gripping at each other and it isn’t long before things start to get heated, and deciding they don’t want to ruin their garments they take off their shirts.

As they start to enjoy themselves, maybe more good Mormon boys should, their erections start to become visible through the thin material of their mesh garments.

Eventually they decide that playtime is over and return upstairs.

President Woodruff is up and reading in his bed. Seeing the sweaty boys he instructs them to strip and clean up before bed. Without a moment’s hesitation, the boys obediently go and take a shower in the President’s bathroom.

Of course, they can’t keep their hands to themselves. And even when they know that the President is watching from the next room over, they they don’t try and hide their physical affection for each other.

They wash each other slowly, their hands lingering as they wash the sweat off each other’s bodies; the wrestling earlier had been quite a workout!

The left over adrenaline and the close proximity of their naked bodies leaves the missionaries weak to temptation. As they wash each other’s chest and nipples, cocks and ass, they are powerless to stop themselves from taking it that one step further…


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