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BeefCakeHunter – Getting pounded by Rob… again! – Anal

December 28, 2015 | BeefCakeHunter , , | no comments

BeefCakeHunter Getting pounded by Rob… again! AnalDownload BeefCakeHunter – Getting pounded by Rob… again! – Anal with Direct link.

BCH-GettingPoundedbyRob-Again.mp4 [330.93 MB]

There is something about beefcake Rob’s cock that drives me crazy…maybe is its thickness or maybe the bushy pubic area around it, or maybe is a combination of things like: his hairy legs, his deep voice, but the thing is that I find his cock delicious and him really masculine. I just cant get enough of that cock, and I cant helped myself moaning even when just sucking his cock, that is why I felt like getting pounded by Rob ..again! lol and I know some other Hunters will really enjoy this fuck session with this intellectual beefcake..

We have been in touch after our second shooting and he was telling me that his job as fence builder was kind of slow, so he would be willing to give us another performance , and I know he is really into ass, so I bet he wouldn’t mind do another fuck scene!
We cut the chatting part and after a few minutes that he started watching a pussy porn he got rock hard and I just couldn’t help jumping into his balls and cock, and I know he really enjoy getting his balls licked..ummmm yummy..This time around I even venture to do some body worshipping and even that I noticed that he got a little nervous I didn’t want to stop.
Then I got stand up trying to get more control over the pounding , I really wanted to feel that cock deep inside me but he seemed that would be about to cum too soon that I decided to ride his cock for both angles, it was really an intense session for me, I ended up so exhausted and without words that I forgot to thank him , but he knew by my moaning that I was really enjoying his manhood ..I hope you guys enjoy this video with intellectual beefcake Rob..


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