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SDBoy – Jungle Love – Part Two – Evan & Florian

December 31, 2015 | SDBoys , , , , | no comments

SDBoy Jungle Love Part Two Evan & FlorianDownload SDBoy – Jungle Love – Part Two – Evan & Florian with Direct link.

SDB-Evan-Florian.mp4 [661.05 MB]

Ah yes, grunts doing some dirty work, nice. Evan, on the left, has his hands full; you can see Florian is soon filling as well. Evan takes a seat on the top’s cock and the real “training” begins. Watching the bottom’s cock enlarge as he is pounded is striking; he stays hard, “trunk” and all. Arching his back, Evan gives out a, “si” as Florian takes him from behind. From below, the “drills” continue, and so do the moans. Thrusting his cock inside Evan, the top then pulls out to blow on the bottom’s “used hole.” Evan stands over his partner and masturbates until he fills Florian’s mouth and chin from the “exercise.”


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