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CorbinFisher – Kyle Fucks Jamie

January 4, 2016 | CorbinFisher , , , | no comments

CorbinFisher Kyle JamieDownload CorbinFisher – Kyle Fucks Jamie with Direct link.

CF-Kyle-Fucks-Jamie.mp4 [481.28 MB]

From Kyle’s introductory video, we got to see the python that the shy smiled hunk is working with. I decided to not share that with Jamie so that she could get the pleasant surprise on her own.

After a bit of making out and fondling, she’s blown away by the huge boner popping out of Kyle’s boxers! Seeing that long thick rod, makes her salivate and she promptly starts to suck on that dick. Then when he grows even fuller in her mouth- she definitely wants to go all the way.

She holds on tight as he slides in and fucks her deep. Then it’s Kyle’s turn to be surprised by how well she can ride dick. Seeing that she can take a pounding, Kyle puts his big cock on overdrive and drills up into her then plows her doggystyle. Looking in the mirror, they both see the same thing- a hot stallion that deserves to shoot his cum all over her!


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