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MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – Priesthood Prep

January 11, 2016 | MormonBoyz , | no comments

MormonBoyz Elder Sorensen Priesthood PrepDownload MormonBoyz – Elder Sorensen – Priesthood Prep with Direct link.

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Although Elder Sorensen has one of the finest asses in the mission, he has been so busy pounding the boys and men he serves with that his hole has gone basically untouched.

Not that the other missionaries are complaining.

Every time there are mission transfers (when missionaries are paired with new companions) those in the know hope they’ll be the one paired with the handsome boy.

But for now, he’s not being paired with any of them. He’s been called into the mission home and is undergoing his induction into The Order.

Most recently this involved his priesthood inspection with Bishop Angus, and ended with tantalizing information about a “priesthood stretcher.” He is to be prepared for the priesthood.

After this worthiness interview, he is taken to the temple and led down to the temple basement.

Waiting for him in a dark room are two young men he knows, his companion Elder Stewart, his A.P. Elder Miller, and a stranger he doesn’t know, Patriarch Smith.

Elder Sorensen quickly glances at the other missionaries. He’s certain Patriarch Smith must know he has had sex with both of them.

Had he not been prepared for this moment by the bishop, his instincts would have told him he was in some seriously deep water!

The boy’s expression of concern is promptly addressed by the Patriarch, who tells him that he will be disciplined. Not so much for his many transgressions, though certainly there have been many, but more as a formal preparation for his ordination by insemination.

The Patriarch has heard now about the boy’s legendary ass, and he wastes no time stripping him naked while the other missionaries watch.

The two missionaries have been invited as witnesses for this ordinance, as fully ordained members of The Order.

As each article of clothing comes off, the Patriarch fondles Sorensen’s perfect young body. Elder Sorensen feel nervous to be naked in front of the other three who are fully clothed, but that anxiety is nothing compared to what he feels when Miller and Stewart remove the cloth hiding the priesthood stretcher.

As soon as the boy realizes what those pegs on the bench are for, he gets very worried. He has never had anything in his ass before, but he wants to impress the Patriarch and to show him that he will obey any order he is given.

So when the Patriarch wets Sorensen’s hole with consecrated oil and tells him to sit on the first peg, Sorensen takes a deep breath and does as he’s told.

As the turgid peg enters his tight hole, Sorensen gasps. It stretches him, but it also feels wonderful to be stuffed like this. His dick starts to leak. Now he has some small idea of what the other boys have felt when he drilled them with his hard cock.

But as soon as he has he relaxed on the peg, the Patriarch orders him to sit on the next, larger one. He looks down the bench toward the final peg and whimpers. How is he going to fit these big pegs in his little hole?


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