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Str8hell – Patrik, Laco, Libor & Ivan, Part 2 RAW – DUTY BOUND

January 16, 2016 | Str8hell , , , , , , | no comments

Str8hell Patrik, Laco, Libor & Ivan, Part 2 RAW DUTY BOUNDDownload Str8hell – Patrik, Laco, Libor & Ivan, Part 2 RAW – DUTY BOUND with Direct link.

STR8H-Patrik-Laco-Libor-Ivan-Part2.mp4 [474.17 MB]

In part two of our Duty Bound Dream set we rejoin Patrik and Laco as they are being admonished by Libor. He takes Laco over to the beam and pulls off his clothes as Patrik holds him in place. Then with Laco’s ass available Libor pulls out his own big, hard cock and shoves it into the hole. He spanks Laco’s ass ass he fucks it deep and hard. Having opened Laco’s ass nicely, and reddened the cheeks Libor instructs Patrik to fuck his buddy. Patrik’s dick slides easily into Laco’s ass fucks it real good. Patrik strip off his clothes as he continues to pound away at Laco’s ass. Then Libor makes them change position, with Laco on his back being fucked hard. Meanwhile Libor moves over to Ivan and shoves his dick deep into his ass. Ivan is gagged but moans as Libor’s hard cock slams into his ass. Libor and Patrik keep on fucking those asses until Libor is ready to cum. He pulls out and shoots his hot load all over Ivan’s ass. Patrik is ready too and his cock comes out of Laco’s ass and shoots the cum over it. Then Libor moves Ivan and Laco so they are sitting next to each other and he tells them to wank. Ivan is the first to shoot his load and is soon followed by Laco, Libor is pleased with the training session and sends the guy off to shower.


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