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Str8hell – Erik Drda – HOT ASS

February 10, 2016 | Str8hell , | no comments

Str8hell Erik Drda HOT ASSDownload Str8hell – Erik Drda – HOT ASS with Direct link.

STR8H-ErikDrda.mp4 [627.17 MB]

What a very sexy and handsome guy Erik Drda is. He has a great body, which is shown from the outset of this video, as Erik walks in wearing just his underwear. He sits on the bedframe and rubs his hands all over his sexy chest and down to his underwear. He slips a hand inside the underwear to grope his cock. Then he flexes his massive biceps to show them off. Moving backwards onto the bed Erik lays back and lifts his legs in the air. He pulls his underwear off his ass and shows off his hot hole, as he spreads his ass cheeks. His hands pull at the cheeks, stretching the hole. That sexy hole looks so inviting as Erik keeps pulling on the ass cheeks. A helping hand arrives and kneels on the bed next to Erik. The hands remove Erik’s underwear completely and then grab his ass to check on his hole. Oil is dripped into the ass crack and rubbed over his hot hole. The hands spread the oil over the ass cheeks, pulling them apart to inspect the hole. Fingers rub over the hole as the camera goes in nice and close. Then a finger dips into the tight hole, gently fucking inside, and going all the way in. Erik breathes heavily as the finger probes his tight hole. He moves onto his knees, ass to camera, with his cock and balls between his thick thighs. That ass looks so hot as more oil is rubbed all over it. A vibrator appears and slips into the hot ass, going in nice and deep. It fucks nice and deep and then is removed for the hole to be inspected again. Erik lays on his side, legs bent and cock and balls trapped between his thighs. That hairy hole is still on show as the hand rubs oil over the cock and balls and then return to slip a finger back into the tight hole. It is then replaced by the vibrator which goes even deeper. It fucks in and out of the hole and then is removed. Erik turns onto his back and grabs his cock to wank it. He is soon breathing heavily as his rock hard cock erupts with his creamy cum. He milks the cum out of the cock, enjoying how it feels, to end a wonderful video.


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