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CollegeDudes – Adam Bryant & Sean Christopher

CollegeDudes Adam Bryant Sean ChristopherDownload CollegeDudes – Adam Bryant & Sean Christopher with Direct link.

CD-AdamBryant-SeanChristopher.mp4 [779.86 MB]

Adam Bryant and Sean Christopher strip down between kisses as they make out and reach for each other’s big dicks, barely able to contain their excitement as they see each other naked and hard, their cocks touching as they stroke one another’s erect cock! Sean gets on his knees in front of Adam and sucks that fat prick, Adam pushing Sean’s head farther down onto his cock as Sean takes as much of that long shaft down his throat as he can!

Sean plays with Adam’s balls as he licks that dick, but Adam pushes Sean onto the bed and dry humps the fuck out of him, grinding his cock against Sean’s as he moves on top of him. After more oral from Sean, Adam is ready for some ass and Sean bends over as Adam slowly pushes his massive prick into Sean’s tight hole, slowly going deeper until he’s buried his full length inside of Sean.

He fucks him hard, stretching Sean’s ass around his thick member and then lying down on the bed and letting Sean ride that cock, then changing positions one more time. Sean spreads his legs apart and takes Adam’s meat until he gets the cum fucked right out of him, and after more deep thrusts when Adam’s had his fill of that sexy ass, he pulls out and drains his cock!


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