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CollegeDudes – Dimitri Kane & Dylan Drive

February 19, 2016 | Collegedudes , , | 1 comment

CollegeDudes Dimitri Kane Dylan DriveDownload CollegeDudes – Dimitri Kane & Dylan Drive with Direct link.

CD-DimitriKane-DylanDrive.mp4 [414.98 MB]

Dimitri Kane and Dylan Drive kiss passionately as the clothes slowly come off, but these boys take their time with each other as they make out and then take out their dicks! Dylan kisses his way down to Dimitri’s big prick and takes it in his mouth while Dimitri reaches around and plays with Dylan’s nice round ass, squeezing it tight as Dylan sucks on Dimitri’s sweet cock.

Dylan gets head next, kneeling about Dimitri and getting that fat cock wet while Dimitri holds his own dick in his hand and jerks it gently as he gets a mouthful of Dylan’s delicious meat! Enough foreplay for these two, they’re ready to fuck hard and Dylan climbs on top of Dimitri, straddling Dimitri’s hard cock and then lowering his tight ass onto it, riding that thick member hard and then switching positions so that Dimitri can get in deep with some doggy-style action.

Dylan’s on his hands and knees, taking that long shaft all the way up his sore ass while Dimitri pumps him harder and faster, flipping Dylan over so that he’s lying on his back, legs spread in the air while Dimitri is buried inside him. Dylan yanks on his own big dick, stroking it up and down while he watches Dimitri fuck him until both these guys squeeze a huge load out of those big cocks!


  1. Fit Studs says: March 4, 2016

    Dimitri Kane, RIP, you handsome stud!

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